In the current changing and complex environment, large and small companies require we can anticipate their needs and develop solutions tailored to their requirements. They seek for us to understand the foundation of their intellectual property assets and the relevant legal issues they might face.

At Clarke, Modet & Cº we implement the strategy through the Intellectual Property figures available that best caters your business development needs.  Companies need to steer through the complexity of the legal framework that protect their Intellectual Property assets anywhere in the world. Every jurisdiction is different and requires an in-depth understanding of local practices as well as a long and medium-term view to best protect and defend their IP assets.

Through our own network of companies with 32 offices in 10 countries we offer a global vision that allows us to develop solutions that cover the entire innovation life cycle from inception to its exploitaition and defence.


We advice all sort of organizations:

We adapt to your work processes and have teams in each country which allow us to develop tailor- made solutions such as:

For SMEs we work in: