"I have an invention and I would like to patent it; what do I have to do?”

Before starting any patent application process it is important to have carried out a prior art search and a patentability report to avoid any unnecessary costs. 

The state of the art or prior art is a search across all public information anywhere in the world relating to a certain invention. In the specific case of patents, anything previous to the date of the presentation of the application, or filed prior to it, is searched.

Clarke, Modet & Cº identifies the “state of the art” of a technological field through the information that we gather in scientific publications and patents published worldwide, which allows us to offer our clients advice on the patentability of their project or how to protect it.

We have the most advanced national and international databases specialized in Intellectual Property and scientific literature and a team with expertise in searching and analyzing such information.

Creating a state of the art and patentability report allows the:

  • Existing Intellectual Property rights to be known about and a possible infringement decided upon
  • Planning of the activities and lines of investigation
  • Being up to date with the latest changes and technological advances
  • Detection of investment opportunities