The registration of similar trademarks, Internet identity theft, or unfair competition are some of the most common situations that companies face.

Through our monitoring services we compare new trademark applications at  National, European Union (for European Union trademarks) or International level which are subsequently published in order to identify similar trademarks and analyze the possibility of lodging a statement of opposition.

We also identify coinciding domain names in order to verify any online impersonation or infraction of Intellectual Property rights.

With the emergence of the Internet and the increase in e-commerce, companies must be more vigilant than ever before about domain name registrations coinciding with existing trademark rights.

When registering a domain, previous registration by a third party or under fraudulent use of the domain may be discovered. In such cases and where possible to prove that the applicant has acted in bad faith, we manage the domain ownership claim, taking action for the recovery of domains with the competent national and international authorities and/or entering into negotiations.

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