In an increasingly competitive, globalized world and in constant technological evolution, optimal resource management means having a deep understanding of the capacity and value of intangible assets in order to maximize their value.

Clarke, Modet & Cº is focused on the reference value through a deep technical, legal and market analysis and provides detailed information on the potential of Intellectual Property assets for generating economic output.


How is the licensing price of a patent, trademark or industrial design established? 

At Clarke, Modet & Cº we provide advice on obtaining maximum contract benefits and reducing potential associated risks.We carry out an exhaustive analysis of contractual information for comparable sector business, thus allowing for focused negotiations with possible licensees or compliance with obligations for documentation as established under current legislation for related operations.

The financial success of any Intellectual Property commercialization will depend on the selection of the most appropriate commercial tool (license, franchise, sale or exploitation by the owner him/herself) as well as on the correct valuation of its Intellectual Property assets