In a broad sense, the technoloyg transfer means any operation involving the transmission of innovative knowledge to be shared, licensed, acquired or ceded.

Companies need to be increasingly original when it comes to seeking competitive strategies for meeting their objectives. Many forget to use those intangible resources no longer in use to obtain additional income. The processes of acquisition or cession of patents, designs, software and know-how are complex, requiring specialized advice.

Technology transfer is an alternative for capitalizing on investments made in the conception and development of a patentable invention when it is not possible or economically viable to securely carry out total or partial production and subsequent commercial distribution, or implementation in the productive process.

Clarke, Modet & Cº covers everything from contact with potential partners, licensees or buyers/sellers around the world to the complete management of the negotiation and transfer process. This includes the identification of niche markets, valuation of Industrial and Intellectual Property assets and formalization of transfer agreements.

We support the development of new industrial alliances on a national and international scale, participating in the entire process. We provide advice and accompaniment in legal matters and therefore make the circle of innovation complete.