The returns from proper taxation management of Intellectual Property assets can be 100% of the R&D investment. Moreover, for the correct protection and management of the intangible assets of Intellectual Property, it is of vital importance to establish an internal tax policy for these assets to regulate the use and transfer between companies of the same group operating in different countries. 

Patent Box is a tax incentive whose object is to promote the development and transfer of technological knowledge, by reducing the tax burden of a company that licenses the use of intangible assets generated by their company.

Among the difficulties that organizations find when it comes to accessing this incentive are identifying and quantifying the intangible assets and managing the documents involved in the tax benefit procedure. However, the implementation of this incentive is a priority objective for anyone seeking different solutions, such as one which favors the issue of “reasoned reports”, which play the same qualifying role with regards to intangible assets as they do in the R&D+i projects eligible for tax concessions.