Argentina is one of the countries that has introduced and will be introducing changes in its Intellectual Property system in 2018. 

The Decree of Bureaucratization and Simplification N° 27/2018 published on January 11th, 2018 is the trigger of those changes that will be applied progressively.

Do you want to learn more about them? 

1. General Context 

  a. Wind of change

2. The Presidential Decree No. 27/2018. Its purpose: 

Patents and Utility Models
i. Filing requirements
ii. Substantive examination request deadlines

i. Multiclass availability;
ii. Oppositions: new rules and criteria
iii. Declaration or Proof of Use on registered trademarks

i. Multiple filing
ii. New renewal terms

3. Cost impact analisys


Tuesday, March 27th 2018 
CET 16.00 h. (duration: 20 minutes)
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Martin Bechara Arcuri

Attorney at Law/ Prosecution Consultant 
Clarke, Modet & Cº Argentina