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The creators of Punto Naranja for which they have a patent. Punto Naranja is a safety device for use on beaches, designed to be functional 24 hours a day all year round and which can be used by anyone, given that lifesaving is not classified as a profession in Spain and is not obligatory on its beaches. More than 400 people die by drowning on our beaches each year, a third of whom are foreign tourists.

They sell the concept of a safe beach and Punto Naranja has been designed to cover the three variables that cause drowning.

-       A lifeline to prevent the undertow from carrying you away.

-      Buoyancy for the victim and the lifesaver or spontaneous lifesaver (which is how we refer to family members who try to save one of their own), so that one does not get on top of the other.

-     A mechanized return to shore by means of a remote control that activates the motor, given that when they reach the victim they have completely exhausted their energy and in more than 60% of cases they do not return.

Aside from its use as a safety and rescue device, it also includes its GSM/GPRS communications module which converts it into a SMART BEACH device. They have a communications network on the beach that notifies the police and the 112 emergency services, and gives us information on the temperature of the water, tides, wind, etc. as well as providing advice and warnings regarding the surrounding area.

"We went to Clarke, Modet & Cº because we needed to work with a first rate company given that all those I knew about until that time were local and did not provide me with guarantees". "As far as we are concerned working with Clarke, Modet & Cº is synonymous with confidence and peace of mind"

José A. Barrero López

Patentes Cala Cerrada, S.L