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Interview with Dinis Carmo

Private inventor and surgeon



Everything began during his residency in the Orthopedics Department in a South African hospital. This was a life-changing experience, as it allowed him to learn techniques and use much more advanced instruments than those which he had been using at that time in Portugal.

It was then that he truly felt the need to import the instruments necessary for carrying out his work and which would provide solutions for carpal tunnel syndrome.

He asked himself, "do I have an idea here?" Indeed he did, so why not bring it to others? At first he thought about giving up, but suddenly in 2005 things began to work. 




Protecting his innovation with guarantees for success, bearing in mind the added difficulty of being a private inventor with no links to a hospital or university.


To have a trusted partner who could handle all necessary processes for applying for a patent and subsequently support him throughout the transfer of technology.



  • Providing advice at the various stages for taking the project forward: giving shape to the idea, registering the patent, producing instruments compliant with applicable regulations and, finally, bringing them to the market.
  • Support with managing the entire bureaucratic process, which results in a time saving.
  • Guidance on the types of contracts to be used for the commercialization of patents.
  • Working jointly in the search for possible licensees and commercial mediation where opportune.
  • To be able to rely on a professional team with the knowledge and experience in markets with which Dinis Carmo was unfamiliar. 

“You won’t be the first or the last to be lost about your idea.

It's a gradual process”

Dinis Carmo

Private inventor and surgeon

Dinis Carmo is a private inventor who is in the process of transferring his technology to the market.

Doctor Dinis Carmo, private inventor and surgeon with over 22 years' experience, is currently in negotiations for the licensing of his "Precision Cut Instrument Surgical Kit" for its production on an international scale.