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Safeguarding the Agroenzymas brands in Latin America



The progressive expansion of its activities to various Latin American countries has given rise to the need for brand protection in each of these. At the beginning, this protection was handled through independent offices, which was both costly and inefficient.


Trusting in a sole strategic partner who supervises the brand protection in all countries where activities are carried out.



  • Centralizing the brand strategy in Latin America into a single office, Agroenzymas has reaped the benefits of having a single point of contact to which orders and instructions can be sent, a single chain of command facilitating administrative management, an invoice adapted to its needs at no additional cost and a single translation for all Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.
  • Total coordination, thanks to the close links between both companies.
  • Solutions specially adapted to its needs at all times. Today we are already working not only with brands but also in the areas of Technology Monitoring and Legal Counseling.

“We are currently managing practically everything through your subsidiary in Mexico. You take care of making the connection with your own offices in each country”.

Eng. Sergio Acosta
General Director of Laboratorios Agroenzymas


Founded in 1990, Agroenzymas is a company specializing in the manufacture of bio-technological products. From the very beginning, research and development have been fundamental for adapting to an increasingly demanding market and thus remaining a leader in the bio-regulatory segment.