Clarke, Modet & Cº and the Cuban law firm LEX S.A.  have signed a correspondent agreement for the exchange of experiences, mutual support and services related with Intellectual Property, with special discounts on official rates.

This partnership is a first step on the way towards our goal which is to open Clarke, Modet & Cº Cuba and, on the other hand, strengthen our operational capacity in Cuba.

LEX S.A. is a law firm that has over 50 years of experience in Cuba and management outward. It has a full and specialized team of Intellectual Property Agents with scientific degrees and PHDs and consultants associated with the practice of commercial and economic law, legalization, notarization, foreign investment and equipment. They have been working with Clarke, Modet & Cº for over 20 years.

We take this opportunity to, as always, put ourselves at your disposal with the satisfaction of sharing this new step forward in the development and strengthening of our company, and in offering added to you our customers.