The deadline to clarify the goods and services of European Union Trademarks, (formerly called Community Trademarks) is approaching. 

This specification comes after one of the recent changes approved by the European Parliament, which came into effect on 23 March of this year, 2016. 

One of the new developments has to do with trademarks' goods and services, which from now on will be taken literally. This means that it will be necessary to clearly and precisely list and specify the goods and services for which each trademark seeks protection.

And what about trademarks that were already registered under general classes in the past? The best thing is to review them as soon as possible, in case you need to file a Declaration under Article 28(8) EUTMR to specify and clarify the trademark’s goods and services. Remember, if you do not do so by 24 September 2016, protection will be restricted to the literal meaning.

Which trademarks should be reviewed? All trademarks prior to 22 June 2012. However, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our specialists, and to check out the link below.