The objective of this program is to contribute to the development of green technologies.

The program, which began in April 17th, 2012, and is now in its 3rd phase, aims to accelerate the examination of patent applications related to Green Technologies.

Currently in its 3rd phase, the program also accepts PCT applications (Patent Cooperation Treaty Matters).

The technologies that can participate in the program belong to the following fields: alternative energy, transport, energy conservation, waste management and agriculture.

The requirements to be able to present these technologies in the "green patents” program are:

  • Patent Applications and Utility Model that has not undergone technical examination
  • Applications with a maximum of 15 claims in total (three independent claims)
  • The examination must be requested
  • Annual fees must be duly paid
  • The authorization number to access Brazil’s Genetic Heritage or the negative statement in relation to this access should be properly brought before the INPI, if applicable
  • The strategic priority examination under the green patents pilot project should be requested (official fees and specific format) 

You can participate in this INPI’s pilot program until the next April 16th, 2015 (or up to 500 new registrations), the program official closing date proposed by the INPI (Industrial Property Institute).

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Brazilian Green Patent Program will be extended till April 2016