Clarke Modet & Co. Mexico within its Technological Intelligence Unit has obtained a Certification as "Knowledge Transference Office" (OTC in Spanish language reference), granted by the Science and Technology Mexican Government Office "Consejo Nacional de Ciencia de Tecnología" (CONACYT).

This renovable two years certification, allow us to:

  • be a officially Government certified company to advise companies and institutions in Mexico in relation to the Technology Transference process
  • benefit of the funds that CONACYT assign for the reinforcement of the OTC´s functions related to projects with third parties

The objectives of the Mexican Government related to this OTC's certifications are:

  1. That rules, politics and guidelines may be officially implemented in the benefit of the technology transfer process in Mexico.
  2. The provision of medium and long term funds for the reinforcement of the collaborative technology transfer project´s activities of the certified OTC.