In a globalized economy it is very common for companies to apply for protection in several countries. The European Patent system is an attractive method of obtaining protection in as many as 41 countries through one single application. It offers a single processing and examination procedure as opposed to carrying out this procedure directly in each country member of the European Union.

At Clarke, Modet & Cº, we provide support throughout the entire process starting with the drafting of the patent application, filling before the European Patent Office, as well as dealing with oral oppositions and appeal proceedings until the granting.




The appearance of the European Patent with unitary effect  opens up a third possibility for the protection of innovations in Europe; it will coexist with the traditional European Patent (EP).

The European Patent system requires the validation of the European patent in the different member states in which protection is required. The new system, however, contemplates one single validation for all the member states. Although Spain has chosen not to be party to the EPUE, this does not mean that Spanish companies cannot apply for it in order to seek protection in those states that have already ratified the unitary patent agreement.