With millions of registrations all over the world, domain names, together with trademarks and patents, have become an increasingly more valuable asset for companies.

E-commerce has grown exponentially and fully exceeds the figures of the physical trade market. This is thanks to the fact that everything is made easier for the consumer "online". In this way, e-commerce has given domain names a broader concept and has given them an authentically distinguishing function. This is precisely the root of their importance.


Domain names are identifying and localization elements for companies, products and services operating on the Internet and, as such, are the online extension and projection of the trademark that help to create and promote the identity of the company on the web, thus establishing a point of contact where information about the products or services of a company can be obtained.

The registration of a domain name on the Internet ensures that the owner has the exclusive use of the same, as well as the mechanisms for the protection of its rights and the opportunity to position itself or extend its market, given that it is available to millions of potential clients who may have immediate access to its information.

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